Every year, we host the annual Candlelight Vigil to honor the officers who were added to the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Over 20,000 law enforcement officers, survivors, and supporters will join us in Washington, DC on May 13.

It’s often said that everyone should experience at least one Police Week during their lives, but even if you can’t make it to DC this year, you can still show your support.

Through United By Light, anyone across the country can participate by watching the Vigil webcast and lighting a virtual candle. The Vigil webcast is free and we encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you on the evening of May 13 to watch together.

If you'd like to light a candle, your donation allows you to dedicate a virtual candle with a personalized message. It's a meaningful way to thank an officer you know or recognize the service of all officers.

Deputy Daniel Rivera
All Fallen Officers
Steve Underwood
David T Bailey
Allen Pearson
Jersey City PD All Officers
John Yarbrough
Deputy John Bernard
Dave Baldwin
Ryan Jay Cunningham
Ernie Barron
Grant Whitaker
Joseph Peters
John Paul Jones
Avis Lowe
Marlin Theye
Tommy Scott
Jeffrey Lindenberg
ALL Fallen Officers
All Fallen Officers
Thomas Farrell
Thoma Farrell
Frankie E. Smith
Grady Lamb
zipora vainstein
Ricky Del Fiorentino
William L. Long
Racine Co Sheriffs Racine, Wi
Racine Co Sheriffs Racine, Wi
Steven Guth
Officer Noreen Vargas
Frank Strother
Adam Davis
Frank Peak
Joseph Smith
Sean Collier
Bryan Berger
Roberto Sanchez
Bert Conrey
Kenyon Youngstrom
Captain Donald Fillinger
Christopher Mark Goodell
Sgt. Douglas A. Weddleton
Ronald (RJ) Johnson
Mark Coates
Ryan Cunningham
Sean Clark
Jeff Shelton
Scott Futrell
James Thomas
Cpl Thomas P Jensen
Dennie Enevold
Michael Davis Jr.
Danny Oliver
Cathy Hunt
William H. Freytag
Salvatore J. Embarrato
Kelly Fredinburgh
James Dominguez
Travis Murphy
Amedicus Howell
Tyler Stewart
Jeffrey Moritz
James Williams Jr.
Melvin Santiago
Josh Lynaugh
Jay Sheridan
Cadet Matthew Coleman
Michael Coleman
Dennis Webb
Christopher Milito
Chief David Allen
Charles Simons
Maureen O'Donnell Malatesta
Matthew Rittenhouse
Trevor Casper
John Gutekunst
Trevor Casper
Eric Stein
Richard W. Martin
Sean M Talty
Rod Bradway
All Members PA State Police
Michael Ridges
Steve Dmytryk
Philip M. Davis
Arthur Ohlsen III
Trevor Casper
Samuel "Hawk" Holcomb
Kevin Will
Chief Wayne Hathaway
Bryan Berger
Scott Futrell
Christopher Wouters
Thomas Jahelka
Officer Kevin Quick
John Robert Street
Adam Davis
Adam Davis
JD Tippit
Douglas Hanna
All Officers of the Roswell Police Dept. Roswell, NM
Deputy Bryan Berger
Frank Mcknight
Andre Booker
Richard Phelps
Jacob Calvin
John T. Lawler
All LEOs killed in the line of duty. your valor will never be surpassed.
Austin Gay
Wesley Silas
Christopher Smith
Chelsea Richard
Irma Lozado
Sgt Gale Stauffer
N>Y>P>D all
Robert Wilson III
Michael Naylor
Eric Zapata
Officer Tunnell
Robert Gonser
Conway Police Department Conway, AR
marcia stellar
Charles Dinwiddie
Chelsea Richard
Charles Dinwiddie
Sean Collier
Chris Cortijo LAPD
Stanley Pitakos
Sgt. Michael Naylor
Michael Paris
Charles Dinwiddie
Sergeant Cory Wride
robert wilson
Adam Davis
Charles Dinwiddie
Phoenix PD
Fredrich A Sowders
Wenjian Liu
Rafael Ramos
SA Sam Hicks
Michael Metzgar
Jeffrey Garrett
Bart Hart
Roger O'dell
Andy Early
Kerry Mitchum
John Williamson
William Kelley
Michael Stockwell
Daniel Picagli
Steve Kenner
Kevin "Gale" Stauffer
Marcia Stella
Michael Naylor

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