Every year, we host the annual Candlelight Vigil to honor the officers who were added to the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. More than 30,000 law enforcement officers, survivors, and supporters will join us in Washington, DC, on May 13.

It’s often said that everyone should experience at least one Police Week during their lives, but even if you can’t make it to DC this year, you can still show your support.

Through United By Light, anyone across the country can participate by watching the Vigil webcast and lighting a virtual candle. The Vigil webcast is free and we encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you on the evening of May 13 to watch together.

If you'd like to light a candle, your donation allows you to dedicate a virtual candle with a personalized message. It's a meaningful way to thank an officer you know or recognize the service of all officers.

All K/9s past,present and future
jake guitterez
Corporal Jacai Colson
David Henry
kurt necker
James Johnson
Thomas Jensen
Roger Fleming
Peter Ciaccio
Shawn Blanton
Kenneth Rosello
Joan Grosso
ALL LAW OFFICERS past present & future
Ken Perrigo
Tom Hontz
All Officer's All Officer's
Mark Dunakin
Robert Blan
Trooper Tage Toll
All fallen officers All fallen officers
Sgt. Richard "Ricky" T. Dever
Allen Mollsen
53 Oakland CA Officers
Brian Shaw
All Fallen Officers
Fred Beard
MSP Mark S. Charbonnier
Special Agent David Hoefler
Kenneth Copeland
Milburn Beitel
Robert Hill
David Ortiz
Lawrence Canipe Jr.
Sean Gannon
Ofc. Elias Martinez
Sean Collier
Sgt. Joseph A. Pucci
Jeff Pierot
Eric Lemke
Jimmie White III
Daniel Webster
SA Sam Hicks
Thomas Smith
U.S. Marshall Kenneth Doyle
Jeffrey Azuar
Lt. Debra Clayton
Luke Scaglione
PO Christopher Davis
Mark Murphy
Thomas Bryne
Richard Kozik
Jeff Shelton
Sean Clark
Scott Futrell
Martin Clarke
Kenneth Doyle
Kenneth Gary Vann
Ryan Scurlock
Ryan Scurlock
Ryan Scurlock
Ryan Scurlock
Ryan Scurlock
Ryan Scurlock
David Sherrard
911 911
Brian Terry
LT.William Fearon
Tom Hall
David Ortiz
Michael Ridges
Samuel Brownlee
Patrolman Gerald "Jerry" DeLamater
Roger Castillo
Honorable Nine Eleven
Honorable Nine Eleven
Honorable Nine Eleven
Honorable Nine Eleven
Thomas Farrell
All Heros Who Serve
Sean Renfro
Thomas Devlin
William Long
Alex Del Rio
Michael Lucas
Michael Kavanagh
Edward Byrne
Jennifer Mauney
paul bauer
Ernest Bailey
Steven Van Horn
Thomas Cottrell
Jennifer Mauney
Chris Wilson
William Otis
Russell Berndt
Tommy Scott
Richard Champion
Steven Singer
Justin BEARD
Micheal Doty
Robert Blan
Joseph Pelosi
Robert Coulter
PC Keith Palmer, GM
P.O. Sean A. McDonald
Cody Brotherson
Frankie E. Smith
James Titiriga
Eiko K9
Allen Jacobs
Christopher Mark Goodell
Cpl. Michael Middlebrook
Eiko K9
Bill Myers
Deputy Daniel Rivera
Asst Chief Deputy Keith Lyon
K9 Eiko
James Brockmeyer
Michael Middlebrook
All Heroes Who Serve
All Heroes thank you all
All heroes who serve
All Fallen Officers

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