Welcome to United By Light!

Our second annual United By Light campaign gives everyone, everywhere—especially those who can't make it to Washington, DC, on May 13—a chance to join us and honor law enforcement by dedicating virtual candles and holding Candlelight Vigil viewing events in your communities.

Honor, celebrate or remember someone special with a special virtual candle.

Your donation allows you to dedicate a virtual candle with a personalized message in honor, memory, or support of a special law enforcement officer.. It's a meaningful way to thank an officer you know.

Andrew Stocks
Shane Figueroa
Officer Michael Crawshaw
Chief Ronald K. Machesky
Lt. Joe Petrosino
P/O. Daniel Faulkner
Anthony Stancil
Milburn Beitel III
Sgt. Gary Morales
William Freytag
Lamont C. Reid
Deputy William Dillemuth
SGT. Steven R. Medeiros
Ron Gill
John Paul Jones, Jr.
Lewis "Kit" Hurst
Dennie Enevold
Joseph Green
Brad Fox
Ariel Rios
James Capoot
Jeffrey Azuar
Officer Chad Spicer
michael monaco
Timothy E. Causey
Thomas Jeffries
Will McGary
Sean Collier Collier
zipora vainstein
Dennis Carder
Fallen Police K9s
Ric Alvillar
Officer Michael Nickerson
Ricky Del Fiorentino
Jack Cohen
Chief Michael Maloney
Thomas Madole
Sgt. Clint Holtz
Jeff Mitchell
Sgt. Darrell Curley
Sgt. Darrell Curley
Loran Baker, Jr.
Marlin Smith II
Thomas Farrell
Matthew Hauer
Joey Goff
Bruce Jacob 1867
Richard Barth
Sgt. Timothy. C Minor
Sgt George W. Koch
Deputy Norman Helmer
Waverly Jones
Thomas Ballman
Margaret Anderson
Charles W. Mathews
Fermin S, "Sonny" Archer Jr
Chris Yung
Det. Amanda Haworth
all fallen leos in Cook Co. Il
Fidel R. Rivera Mayol
Scott Futrell
Sean Clark
Jeff Shelton
Gerald Delamater
Anthony Sanchez
Eric Stein
Marcia Stella
Craig Dorwart
William Mast
William R Mast Jr
Elmer Dunn
Cpl. Christopher Paschal
Charles T. Adams
Randall Benoit
Officer Richard Delrosario
Kristopher Eggle
Todd Bahr
Chief Michael Maloney
David Crawford
Jeffrey Yaslowitz
Thomas Baitinger
Deputy Daniel Rivera
Miriam Cuin
Thomas Giunta
For my fallen brothers and sisters in blue The Thin Blue Line
My Future Husband
Douglas Hanna
For All Of Our Fallen Officers
John D. Landrum
George Jackson
To all fallen LEO's
John Lynch
Gregg Stang
Adam Thomas
William T Bauer
William A. Hendon
Harold Hamilton
Daniel D. Skaggs
Robert Cabral
Gary Krek
David Curtis
Sgt. James M Lane
Gail Cobb
Lt. Gregory Principe
Officer John Martains
James Lee Holden
Jason Ellis
Rudy Hendrix
All Fallen LEOs in Tennessee
Constable Darius Quimby in 1791
Officer David Loeffler
Justin McGrory
Howard Stevenson
Cpl Rocky Wainright
All fallen LEO'S in WA. State
James Terry Watson
Larry Proia, IV
James Terry Watson
Julie Adams
William H. Coleman
Deputy Steven Toliver-OCSD
EPD Sgt. Jerry Webber
Thomas Frederick Ballman
William "Wally" Rolniak. Jr
Jason Lopez
Darryn Robins
Rea Christian Horlocker
Gail Cobb
James "Terry" Watson DEA

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