The archive of the Vigil webcast is available above. Watch this touching tribute to our nation's fallen officers and light a virtual candle of your own by making a small gift below.

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Every year, we host the annual Candlelight Vigil to honor the officers who were added to the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Over 20,000 law enforcement officers, survivors, and supporters will join us in Washington, DC on May 13.

It’s often said that everyone should experience at least one Police Week during their lives, but even if you can’t make it to DC this year, you can still show your support.

Through United By Light, anyone across the country can participate by watching the Vigil webcast and lighting a virtual candle. The Vigil webcast is free and we encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you on the evening of May 13 to watch together.

If you'd like to light a candle, your donation allows you to dedicate a virtual candle with a personalized message. It's a meaningful way to thank an officer you know or recognize the service of all officers.

Vito Mauro
Thomas Sharp Sr.
Deputy Rodney Condall
Dallas Five July 7, 2016
John Wilding
Taylor Thyfault
Vincent D Connolly
Harrisburg, Pa Police Department
Stuart Cohen
Gary Buro
Ryan Cappelletty
Craig Rath
John Thomas Jr.
Lamont Edwards
Ian Deutch
Mark Anthony Beck
Scott Patrick
Deputy Carl Howell
Joey Barraza
John Herring
Isabel Nazario
Jennifer Mauney
Donna Payant
Kenneth Fowler
Robert A. Corter
Mark Logsdon Patrick Dailey
William Thomas Manning
John Bagileo
Anthony Jones
Brian Harris
Nicholas Dees
Phillip Davis
Robert Lee Smithwick
Joseph Pecora
Daniel Rosemeier
. Greg Moore
Korby Kennedy
Michael Santos
John Thomas Hobbs
Joshua Lynaugh
David Smith Payne
Tyler Jacob Stewart
all of the brave will not be forgotten!!!!!
Ryan Copeland
Donna Hahn
Burke Rhoades
Johnny Gatson
Every downed officer Every downed officer
All Of The Fallen Officers
Craig Whisenand
Brian Moore
Shaun R. Diamond
All of our Fallen Heroes
Keifor Beauchamp
All Fallen Officers
Sgt Phillip (Fish) Fisher
Chris Kilcullen
Sam Hicks
Trooper Nick Dees #731
Cuauhtemoc Estrada
Michael Frey
Shawn Schneider
Richard W. Martin
All Fallen Officers
Trevor Casper
Henry Prendes
Anthony Raspa
Brian Haas
John Platt, Sr
Brian Pecor
Ronald H. Manley
Thomas J McMeekin
Christopher Eney
Clayton Seawell
Alvin Wesley Haynes
Sgt. Jonathan Dragus
Daniel Starks
All Fallen and Injured Law Enforcement Officers
Patrick Kramer
Shayne Daniel York
Edward Thompson
Alain Beauregard
David J. Nelson
LASD Deputy Stephen Blair
Trevor Casper
Daniel Webster
Robert Lynn Smith
Arthur Lopez
Daniel Ellis
James Bava
Brian Moore
Rosario Hernandez
Ofc. David Curtis Tampa Police Dept.
Trevor Casper
Christopher Schaub
JC Brewer
mike dowd
Scott Lunger
Retired Lt. John Godsey
Daniel Webster
Richard Woods
Keith Crenshaw
Marcus Black
Gary Gaboury
Ernest Eichhorn
Joseph Aversa
Andrew Faggio
Alex K. Yazzie
Edmund G. Smith
OFFICERS Everywhere
Lt. Ernest Bailey
Alex Del Rio
Patrick Sims
Jennifer Mauney
Jacai Colson
Conce Donegan
Trevor Casper
Garrett Swasey
David Maldonado
Chad A. Reed, Sr.
Ruben Thomas,III
Mitch Weeks
Roger Odell
W Kevin Snow
To all Who lost their life
David Dowd
william Sheldon
All fallen LEOs
Craig Wisenand
To All Fallen LEO And Their Families
Michael Minitor Sr
Greg Alia
Remember Them
Jennifer Sebena
Clyde Nichols
Deputy Adam Davis
Taylor Thyfault
Taylor Thyfault
Kyle Pagerly
Clyde Nichols Jr
Sgt. Chris Kelley
David Vanbuskirk
Brian A. Haas
To All Fallen LE Officers To All Fallen Heroes
Sgt Eric O. Meire
Boyd L. Hall (Sheriff)
NYS TPR S. J. Embarrato
SSgt Louis Bonacasa, USAF
TSgt Joseph Lemm
Christopher Matlotz
Officer Chad Spicer
Jacai Colson
Samuel "Sam" Smith
Randolph Holder
Jamie Jursevics
Andrew S. Dunn
All Officers All Officers
Brian Mahaffey
Portsmouth, VA PPD & PSO
Jeffrey Lindenberg
All Police Officers
Jerry Crocker
Brian Aselton
Tommy Martin
Diane Diagacomo
John Darcy
Diane DiGiacomo
Det. Sgt. Frank Lema
Chief George Lee Lashley Gibsonville, NC PD EOW 06/30/73
Diane DiGiacomo
Diane DiGiacomo
Trooper Royce E. Engler
Carolyn Cross
Stephen Conway
Michael Dowd
Diane DiGiacomo
Fontana, CA Police Department Fontana, CA Police Department
Diane DiGiacomo
Eric Chrisman
Gary Hatch
Martin Donovan
Diane DiGiacomo
Thomas Moran
William Coleman
Kelly Fredinburg
Darryn Robins
Brian Klinefelter
Anthony Ritz
Michelle Ferrara
Stephen Petruzzello
New Jersy State Police xxx
Peter Taub
Peter Taub
Michael Cinco
Sgt. Robert F. Wilson, III
Robert Woods
Daniel Davis
James Sauter
The Fallen LEO Of Michigan
RJ Erb
APO Gail Denise Thomas,APD Finest-ATL,Ga
Deputy Chad Key
Allen Jacobs
Joseph Matuskovic
Jason P Norling
Conrad Whitehorn
Josie Wells
Carolyn Cross
Carolyn Cross
Edward Scott Johansen
Robert Hill
All our fallen brothers and sisters Across the water
Frank Peak
John Richard Zykas
Grant Whitaker
Brian Howard Jackson
Keith Levine
Craig Whisenand
Shane Bennett
Bryan Berger
William "Karl" Keesee
Richard Barth
William "Karl" Keesee
Taylor Thyfault
Craig Chandler
Phillip Pitts
George M. Crowell
Edward Scott Johansen
David Nelson
Gil Datan
Sean Collier
Richard Morgan
Joseph Aversa
Sgt. Robert Ford
William J Waterson
Suzanne Waddel Hopper
Cpl. Mario Jemkins
all heros
Bradley Crawford
Jerry Jones
Sgt. Charles W. Rice
Richard Champion
So Pasadena Police Dept
Sgt. Derek Johnson
All LE Heros All LE Heros
Sgt. Thomas Richmond
Bruce Harrolle
Christopher Goodell
David Chetcuti
Sergeant Phillip Rizzo
Marcia Stella
William "Bill" Stewart Jr.
Jacai Colson
Lawrence K. King
James Boylan Sr
Michael A. Brandle
Noah Leotta
Jamie Jursevics
Ashley Guindon
Jarod Dittman
Jacai Colson
Adam Klutz
To All Our Fallen Heroes To All Our Fallen Heroes
CPL Thomas Jensen
Chad Spicer
William Beckman Sr
Sgt Todd Bochenek
All Police Officers Brothers and Sisters in Blue
James "Terry" Watson, DEA
Matt Woodall
Joe Pastick
Jacquelyn Woodall
Dwight Maness
Gregg Benner
SA Sam Hicks
Todd Bahr
Henry Dunker
Paul W. Jurgens
To all our Fallen Heroes
George Sullivan
All Law Enforcement Officers
Gary Bevel
All Officers and their Families
Michael Johnson
Andrew Rusbarsky
All Officers and their family
Officer Noreen A Vargas
All officers And family
Greg Benner
Daniel Webster
To All Police Officers & Families
Noah Leotta
Roger Warren
Gene Simpson
John F. MacInnis
Dennie Enevold
Charles Lazzaretto
David Saldivar
Greg Davis
Constance Jackson
All American Law Enforcement Officers
All Families of Police Officers
chautauqua county sheriifs dept
Jeff Stevenson
Christopher Mark Goodell
To Every Officer's Spouse
Michael Ceriale
Jair Cabrera
Sean Renfro

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