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Monthly Giving

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund appreciates the generosity of all of our supporters. And for those donors who want to make regular, monthly contributions to support the work of the Fund, we have designed an easy and secure monthly giving program.

There are two ways to sign up to make a recurring, monthly gift to the Memorial Fund:

  • Via credit card. Simply go to our online donation form for the Memorial or the online donation form for the Museum, enter the dollar amount you want to contribute each month, and check the box that reads “Yes, automatically repeat this gift every month.” Then, enter your billing and credit card information. Your card will automatically be charged each month with a donation to the Memorial Fund.

  • Via electronic banking. Complete and print the online Memorial enrollment form or the online Museum enrollment form, providing your bank account information, and the amount you would like to contribute. Once a month, that amount will automatically be deducted from your account and transferred to the Memorial Fund as a donation. Please mail your completed enrollment form and a voided check to:

    National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
    Supporter Services
    901 E Street, NW, Suite 100
    Washington, DC 20004-2025

Either way, monthly giving is a convenient way to make regular donations to support the Memorial Fund and our mission. There’s no hassle, no additional expenses for processing checks and fewer letters filling up your mailbox. And if, at any time, you wish to increase or decrease your donation amount, simply call the Fund at 202-737-3400 and we will gladly accommodate your request.

For the Memorial Fund, monthly giving reduces our administrative costs, cuts overhead and conserves valuable resources so we can put more of your donations to work in honoring the service and sacrifice of the fallen heroes of U.S. law enforcement.

If you think monthly giving is the right option for you, then please sign up today. If you have any questions about the program, please call us at 202-737-3400.