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A Look at Current Officer Fatalities

Preliminary Law Enforcement Fatalities
as of May 26, 2018
   2017  2016  % Change
Total Fatalities:
60 54 +11%
Firearms-related: 28 19 +47%
Traffic-related: 22 21 +5%
Other Causes:
10 14 -29%
Please note: These numbers reflect total officer fatalities comparing May 26, 2018 to May 26, 2017.

2014 Fatalities

In 2014, forty-nine officers died as a result of traffic-related incidents, a slight increase from 44 traffic-related deaths last year.

Thirty-five officers were killed in automobile crashes—a 25 percent increase—compared to 2013 when 28 officers were killed in automobile crashes. Nine officers were struck and killed outside their vehicles this year, an 18 percent decrease from 2013 when 11 officers were struck and killed.

This year, five officers were killed in motorcycle crashes, the same number of officers killed in motorcycle crashes in 2013.

Of the 35 automobile crashes in 2014, fourteen weremultiple vehicle crashes, 20 were single-vehicle crashes and one is unknown. Traffic-related fatalities decreased during the previous decade (2000-2009), but since 2011 they have fallen to the lowest levels since the 1950s.