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2015 Recently Fallen

Deputy Rodney Condall

Orleans County (LA) Sheriff's Office

End of Watch: January 28, 2015

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund honors and remembers those recently fallen law enforcement officers who have paid the ultimate price and given their lives to protect and serve.

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Recently Fallen Officers 2015

 January 28, 2015 
 Deputy Rodney Condall 
 Orleans County Sheriff's Office LA

 January 28, 2015 
 Officer Roger O’Dell 
 Town Creek Police Department AL

 January 26, 2015 
 Sergeant Charles Kerry Mitchum 
 Loxley Police Department AL

 January 21, 2015 
 Detective John Scott Stevens 
 Ocean County Prosecutor's Office NJ

 January 21, 2015 
 Director of Investigations John B. Gorman 
 Mississippi Gaming Commission MS

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