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Recently Fallen 2017

 March 22, 2017 
 Detective Jason Weiland 
 Everest Metropolitan Police Department WI

 March 18, 2017 
 Sergeant Shawn T. Anderson 
 East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office LA

 March 13, 2017 
 Trooper Brian S. Falb 
 New York State Police NY

 March 12, 2017 
 Police Officer Houston James Largo 
 Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety AZ

 March 12, 2017 
 Police Officer Michael Hance 
 New York City Police Department NY

 March 9, 2017 
 Deputy Sheriff Curtis Bartlett 
 Carroll County Sheriff's Office VA

 February 28, 2017 
 Deputy Kevin Haverly 
 Greene County Sheriff's Office NY

 February 25, 2017 
 Deputy Sheriff Michael Butler 
 Lowndes County Sheriff's Office GA

 February 23, 2017 
 Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley 
 Alameda County Sheriff's Office CA

 February 22, 2017 
 Police Officer Lucas Chellew 
 California Highway Patrol CA

 February 20, 2017 
 Police Officer Keith Boyer 
 Whittier Police Department CA

 February 17, 2017 
 Special Agent Rickey O'Donald 
 United States Dept. of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation DC

 February 16, 2017 
 Major Jay R. Memmelaar, Jr. 
 Goldsboro Police Department NC

 February 5, 2017 
 Sergeant Greg Meagher 
 Richmond County Sheriff's Office GA

 February 2, 2017 
 Sergeant Steven Floyd 
 Delaware Department of Correction DE

 February 2, 2017 
 Police Officer Eric Mumaw 
 Metro Nashville Police Department TN

 January 30, 2017 
 Deputy Chief James Molloy 
 New York City Police Department NY

 January 24, 2017 
 Police Officer Nathan Graves 
 Sac and Fox Nation Police Department OK

 January 24, 2017 
 Police Officer David Fahey 
 Cleveland Police Department OH

 January 23, 2017 
 Police Officer Lawrence Thomas Forrest 
 Wadley Police Department GA

 January 20, 2017 
 Police Officer Michael Louviere  
 Westwego (LA) Police Department LA

 January 19, 2017 
 Police Officer Raymond Murrell 
 Bloomingdale Police Department IL

 January 18, 2017 
 Deputy Sheriff Colt Allery 
 Rolette County Sheriff's Office ND

 January 17, 2017 
 Detective Jerry Walker 
 Little Elm Police Department TX

 January 17, 2017 
 Sheriff Steve Ackerman 
 Lea County Sheriff's Office NM

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