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 December 15, 2018 
 Police Officer Jason Quick 
 Lumberton Police Department NC

 December 13, 2018 
 Police Officer Edgar Isidro Flores 
 DeKalb County Police Department GA

 December 12, 2018 
 Sergeant Benton Bertram 
 Charlestown Police Department IN

 December 12, 2018 
 Sergeant Matthew Moreno 
 Las Animas County Sheriff's Office CO

 December 12, 2018 
 Police Officer Jermaine Brown 
 Miami-Dade Police Department FL

 November 29, 2018 
 Deputy Marshal Chase White 
 United States Department of Justice - U.S. Marshals Service VA

 November 28, 2018 
 Detective Larry Marrero 
 Miami Beach Police Department FL

 November 26, 2018 
 Trooper Robert E. Nagle 
 New Jersey State Police NJ

 November 25, 2018 
 Police Officer Hunter Edwards 
 Winchester Police Department VA

 November 25, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Antonio Hinostroza 
 Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department CA

 November 24, 2018 
 Police Officer David Romrell 
 South Salt Lake City Police Department UT

 November 24, 2018 
 Police Officer Leann Simpson 
 Philadelphia Police Department MS

 November 19, 2018 
 Police Officer Samuel Jimenez 
 Chicago Police Department IL

 November 17, 2018 
 Police Officer Jason Seals 
 Slidell Police Department LA

 November 15, 2018 
 Police Officer Toshio Hirai 
 Gardena Police Department CA

 November 10, 2018 
 Police Officer Jared William Franks 
 Greensboro Police Department NC

 November 8, 2018 
 Sergeant Ron Helus 
 Ventura County Sheriff's Office CA

 November 1, 2018 
 Corporal Travis Wells 
 Dallas (NC) Police Department NC

 October 31, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Loren Vasquez 
 Waller County (TX) Sheriff’s Office TX

 October 27, 2018 
 Special Agent Dennis P. McCarthy 
 United States Department of Homeland Security-Immigration and Customs Enforcement DC

 October 26, 2018 
 Assistant Chief of Police Dennis Vincent 
 Brigham City (UT) Police Department UT

 October 22, 2018 
 Deputy Farrah B. Turner 
 Florence County Sheriff's Office SC

 October 20, 2018 
 Police Officer Antwan Toney 
 Gwinnett County (GA) Police Department GA

 October 17, 2018 
 Trooper Kevin K. Conner 
 North Carolina Highway Patrol NC

 October 5, 2018 
 Federal Agent Kristopher David Youngberg 
 United States Department of Energy-National Nuclear Security Administration-Office of Secure Transportation DC

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