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 October 5, 2018 
 Federal Agent Kristopher David Youngberg 
 United States Department of Energy-National Nuclear Security Administration-Office of Secure Transportation DC

 October 5, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Raymond Bradley Jimmerson 
 Nacogdoches County (TX) Sheriff's Office TX

 October 4, 2018 
 Sergeant Dennis W. Reichardt 
 Suffolk County Police Department NY

 October 3, 2018 
 Police Officer Terrence Carraway  
 Florence (SC) Police Department SC

 September 29, 2018 
 Patrolman James White 
 Brookhaven Police Department MS

 September 29, 2018 
 Corporal Zach Moak  
 Brookhaven Police Department MS

 September 25, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Mark A. Cox 
 Real County Sheriff's Office TX

 September 24, 2018 
 Corrections Officer Joseph Parise 
 Minnesota Department of Corrections MN

 September 17, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Mark Stasyuk 
 Sacramento County Sheriff's Department CA

 September 16, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Robert Kunze 
 Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office KS

 September 15, 2018 
 Chief Frank McClelland, Jr. 
 Ludowici Police Department GA

 September 14, 2018 
 Police Officer Garrett Hull 
 Fort Worth Police Department TX

 September 14, 2018 
 Corrections Officer Armando Gallegos 
 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CA

 September 12, 2018 
 Police Officer Oscar Reyes 
 Costa Mesa Police Department CA

 September 10, 2018 
 Police Officer David A. Tinsley 
 Fort Wayne Police Department IN

 September 7, 2018 
 Police Officer Kirt R. Ricks, III 
 Montgomery Police Department LA

 September 7, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Aaron Paul Roberts 
 Greene County Sheriff's Office MO

 August 22, 2018 
 Deputy Sheriff Ben Zirbel 
 Clay County Sheriff's Office FL

 August 16, 2018 
 Police Officer Kathleen O'Connor-Funigiello  
 New Rochelle Police Department NY

 August 14, 2018 
 Police Officer Fadi Shukur 
 Detroit Police Department MI

 August 10, 2018 
 Officer Kirk A. Griess 
 California Highway Patrol CA

 August 4, 2018 
 Investigator Timothy Dale Cole, Sr. 
 Comanche County District Attorney's Office OK

 July 28, 2018 
 Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller 
 Fort Myers (FL) Police Department FL

 July 25, 2018 
 Trooper Tyler Edenhofer 
 Arizona Department of Public Safety AZ

 July 25, 2018 
 Police Officer Michael Michalski 
 Milwaukee Police Department WI

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