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Memorial Restoration Project

In 2010, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial walls and grounds underwent a $1.1 million restoration project, thanks to a generous donation from the Police Unity Tour. As part of the restoration, the engravers, stone masons, and curatorial staff of the National Park Service sought methods that would prevent the paint used to stain the names from fading. Each of the names was then repainted with a new product, so that each name would appear as it originally did when it was added to the Memorial.

Then, the Memorial walls underwent an intensive cleaning process. The Memorial was cleaned with a substance originally developed for the optometric industry, but was discovered to be highly effective in extracting harmful organisms from the pores of precious stone, like that of the Memorial.




Thanks to the Police Unity Tour, the Memorial restoration project was completed in 2010.


What was accomplished?

  • Meticulously re-engraved each of the nearly 19,000 names with a much stronger and more effective paint that bonds to the stone, unlike the metal-based paint used in the past that simply brushed over the wall.
  • Administered thorough tests to decipher what exactly was staining the walls. The tests indicated a damaging biological growth was responsible.
  • Carefully constructed a cleaning process designed to kill the biological growth without destroying the stone.
  • Skillfully and successfully cleaned the name walls, cap stones, base stones, and bench areas to restore them to their original luster.

    As we work to honor America’s fallen law enforcement officers, it is fitting that the names of more than 19,000 officers engraved on the Memorial walls are maintained in best-of-class fashion.