Make a Gift


Make a Gift

Make things happen with your tax-deductible gift

Exhibits, education, research, collections — giving to the National Law Enforcement Museum makes things happen. Your tax-deductible gift helps to bring the Museum a step closer to reality and creates possibilities for learning and discovery at the Museum for generations to come. 

Gifts to the Museum's "A Matter of Honor" Campaign can take two forms: 1) outright giving, in which the donor makes an immediate gift of cash, securities, or other property; or 2) a pledge commitment, payable over three to five years. Donations can also be made online.
In addition, a number of Recognition Opportunities are possible with your gift at various levels.

Outright Giving

  • Gifts of Cash
    The simplest method of giving, outright gifts of cash may be made by check or credit card. A cash gift to the Museum entitles the donor to an immediate income tax deduction of the gift's full value, up to 50 percent of the donor's adjusted gross income. Excess tax benefits may be carried over for up to five years.

  • Gift in Memory
    Commemorate the life of a friend or loved one with a special gift made in his or her honor. These thoughtful tributes will be highlighted in our Donor Honor Roll and are acknowledged with a letter to the family or friends you designate.

  • Marketable Securities
    A gift of stocks, bonds or other publicly traded securities that may have been held for more than one year may be deducted at the mean of the high and low quoted selling price on the date the donor officially transfers the assets to the Museum. Donors and their brokers should inform the NLEOMF Development Department of any impending gift.

  • Real Estate and Closely Held Stock
    Real Estate and Closely Held Stock may be credited to the Campaign if: (a) their value is determined by a valid appraisal; (b) arrangements are made for the sale of the asset with the proceeds to be received during the Campaign period described for receipt of gifts; and (c) the value of the amount credited is discounted by any cost incurred in the sale of the asset. In such cases their appraised value on the date of gift will apply.


All pledges must be confirmed in writing through a pledge commitment form and fulfilled by cash or gifts of assets acceptable to the National Law Enforcement Museum. The pledge should commit to a specific dollar amount with a fixed payment schedule, or it should describe a gift of assets. Multi-year pledges to be paid within four years shall be credited in total to the Campaign.

  • Monthly Giving.  For those donors who want to make regular, monthly contributions to support the Museum, we have designed an easy and secure monthly giving program. There are two ways to sign up to make a recurring, monthly gift to the Museum:

    Via credit card. Simply go to our online donation form, enter the dollar amount you want to contribute each month, and check the box that reads “Yes, automatically repeat this gift every month.” Then, enter your billing and credit card information. Your card will automatically be charged each month with a donation to the Museum.

    Via electronic banking. Complete the enrollment form, providing your bank account information and the amount you would like to contribute. Once a month, that amount will automatically be deducted from your account and transferred to the Museum as a donation. Please mail your completed enrollment form to:

Supporter Services
901 E Street, NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20004-2025  

Workplace Giving

Planned Giving

  • Circle of Valor
    Leave a legacy to law enforcement by making a contribution to the NLEOMF through the careful planning of your will. A bequest from your estate will support the mission of the Memorial Fund and the Museum for generations to come. An added benefit of a gift of this nature is that it is considered a charitable contribution and may help to reduce taxes on an estate. Individuals interested in making a planned gift should contact the NLEOMF Development Department at 202-737-3400.

Please note: Given the complexities of the tax rules regarding charitable giving, it is important for anyone considering a major gift to consult an attorney or tax advisor. This information is provided with the understanding that it is not tax, legal or other professional advice.

All gifts and commitments shall be credited to the "A Matter of Honor" Campaign based on their monetary value as determined by generally accepted criteria set forth by the United States Internal Revenue Service for federal and state income tax purposes. Unless otherwise noted here, the Campaign will follow generally accepted crediting guidelines as set by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).