Domestic Violence Awareness Program


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Domestic Violence Awareness Program

Raise awareness about domestic violence and develop a support system in your school.

To participate, download the Facilitator's Guide and Training materials and get started today.

Facilitator's Guide

The National Law Enforcement Museum is pleased to announce the development of an exciting initiative, the Domestic Violence Awareness Program (DVAP). The DVAP aims to help school staff identify and support elementary school students who are exposed to domestic violence.

Tragically, each year in the U.S., approximately 7 to 14 million children witness assaults against a parent by an intimate partner (Edleson, Ellerton, Seagren, Schmidt & Ambrose, 2007). Research has demonstrated that exposure to domestic violence, including hearing about the abuse after it has occurred, may result in the same negative outcomes as experiencing the violence directly. And although the effects of exposure vary from child to child, children who grow up in homes where domestic violence occurs are more likely to be violent themselves and become victims of abuse.

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