Traveling Forensic Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve a program?

Please contact our educator at or 202.737.7860.

What are your traveling fees and why do you charge them?

Our traveling fee $2.50 per mile traveled to the site and back. So if we travel 60 miles to your site, you can expect $300 in traveling fees. Fees cover fuel, vehicle maintenance costs, and the additional staff time. There are no travel fees for sites in the District of Columbia.

Will my site require an overnight stay?

Any site located more than 120 miles from the Museum’s office will require an overnight stay to ensure that there is enough time for the program. For programs that require an overnight stay, the site is responsible for lodging fees for instructors, but not meals.

How far in advance should I book my program?

We take reservations all year long and recommend calling several months in advance for best selection of dates. Programs will not be officially reserved until the Museum receives your deposit payment.

How much room do I need  for the program?

Most workshops can be held in a classroom. The one exception is the Total Forensics Lab which allows for more student participants. These labs could be held in a large classroom, auditorium, cafeteria, or gym.

What will my school need to provide?

Each lab or workshop has a specific list of items the school will need to furnish. If you have any questions as to whether or not you have these items available, please contact our educator at or 202.737.7860.

What is your hourly rate?

The Museum charges by the hour for our educator encompassing the entire time she is off-site. This means the if you have a lab at 9 AM and a workshop at 11 AM, you will also be charged for 10 AM. Please make sure to plan your sessions accordingly.