The Forensic Detectives

Summer Camp 2017

The Forensic Detectives is a weeklong summer camp that engages students in the messy and meticulous world of forensic science. Students receive hands-on training in the basics—from fingerprints to DNA, toolmarks to trace—and get to meet with professionals working in the field today. This summer camp experience provides participants with a greater understanding of forensic science, its role in the criminal justice system, and exposure to STEM-related careers in law enforcement.


  • Meet professionals in forensics and law enforcement fields,

  • Are exposed to different topics in forensics such as: Fingerprints, DNA, Impressions, Forensic Chemistry, Pathology, Entomology, Ballistics and much more,

  • Use equipment used by professionals in the field,

  • Analyze evidence to solve a case,

  • Serve as expert witnesses during a Mock trial,

  • And have so much fun!

Camp Includes:

  • All Materials for experiments/activities
  • Field Trips
  • Lab Coat/T-shirt

Summer Camp Information

Ages: 11-14
8:30- 4:00pm
2017 Summer Camp Sessions Completed