Take the Case: Insider Tips


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Take the Case

Insider Tips

As you work your way through the interactive, keep in mind these Insider tips:

  1. When analyzing a crime scene and collecting evidence, crime scene investigators use a variety of tools and equipment. As you collect evidence, be sure to choose the best tool for each piece of evidence. If you don’t get it right the first time, read the hint and try again.

  2. Crime scene investigators, detectives, and forensic scientists must pay attention to details. Read all information available, collect evidence at the crime scene, analyze all evidence in the lab, and interview all the suspects to build the most solid case.

  3. Interviewing suspects is a multi-step process. During the interview, collect the answers that seem important. Check the notes (on the right hand side of the screen) to see what the answer reveals after further investigation. Some answers may even uncover possible new evidence for which you may be granted a search warrant.

  4. When building your case in the end, include all relevant and important information—evidence analysis and interview findings. If the prosecutor doesn’t think you have enough evidence for a solid conviction, he will send you back to build a stronger case.

  5. Solving a complicated case rarely happens overnight. Take your time. Completing the interactive may take as long as 1 hour.

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