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Witness to History Panel Discussion Series

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Witness to History focuses on significant events in law enforcement history, conveyed through the insights of those who witnessed them. Events may involve a lecture or panel discussion followed by question and answer opportunities for the audience.
Due to the popularity of Witness to History events and space limitations, those interested in attending must RSVP in advance to the reply contact provided in the event invitation/announcement. RSVPs will be accepted until the event is full. RSVPs will be honored on a first come, first served basis. For further questions regarding admittance to Witness to History events, please contact

Witness to History

January 31, 2017

Eagle One: Rescue and Recovery of Air Florida Flight 90

Join the National Law Enforcement Museum to learn about the daring rescue of five people and the sad recovery ofthe remains of many more from Air Florida Flight 90 on January 13, 1982. On a snowy day in Washington, DC, the Florida-bound airplane carrying 74 passengers and five crew members crashed into the Potomac River after striking the 14th Street Bridge and killing four motorists. Four passengers and one crew member survived the impact and escaped the wreckage to wait in freezing water for rescue..

Past Events

October 4, 2016
Witness To History: Operation Shadow Game

April 19, 2016
Witness To History: Operation Shadow Game

October 7, 2015
Witness To History: Boston Marathon Bombing

April 14, 2015
Witness To History: Attica-Beyond the Riot

September 20, 2014
Witness To History: Investigating the Unabomber

April 8, 2014
Witness To History: DarkMarket & the FBI Agent who Became Master Splyntr

October 1, 2013
Witness To History: The Investigation of Robert Hanssen

April 10, 2013
Witness to History: The Hunt for the Green River Killer

February 7, 2013
Witness to History: The ATF Raid at Waco

September 18, 2012
Witness to History: Washington, DC-area Sniper Attacks, 10 Years Later

June 5, 2012
Witness to History: Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

February 2, 2012
Witness to History: Air Florida Flight 90 Crash, 30 Years Later

September 8, 2011
Witness to History: September 11, 2001

June 7, 2011
Witness to History: The Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald