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Witness to History

Detective James R. Leavelle, Dallas (TX) Police Department is first speaker in new lecture series

Two days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a visit to Dallas, Texas, then Detective James R. Leavelle of the Dallas (TX) Police Department was assigned to escort the President’s alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, from police headquarters to the county jail. The date was November 24, 1963.

James R. Leavelle

On Tuesday, June 7, Mr. Leavelle, 90, made the trip from Texas to Washington, DC, to be the first speaker in the National Law Enforcement Museum’s new "Witness to History" lecture series. Dressed sharply in true Texan fashion with his signature cowboy hat, Mr. Leavelle joined Museum board members, staff, supporters and friends, who listened intently to a living legend recall with detailed precision his account of the infamous event. 

Mr. Leavelle also recorded a thorough oral history to be showcased in the National Law Enforcement Museum when it opens. His recording will forever document his law enforcement service and will preserve his unique and remarkable story to be shared with millions of Museum visitors.

Watch Mr. Leavelle's lecture on C-SPAN.

Witness to History Lecture Series - Slideshow of June 7th Event