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The Experience

Catch a glimpse at life behind the badge

From the early days of the night watch in the 1600s to the high-tech criminal investigations of the 21st century, discover a history that has largely gone untold — the history of American law enforcement — a profession that serves a vital and valued role in our society.

The National Law Enforcement Museum will be a hands-on, interactive museum providing an opportunity to walk in an officer's shoes and experience firsthand what it is like to make life-or-death decisions, solve crimes, protect our communities and safeguard our freedoms.

The Museum will house the most comprehensive collection of law enforcement artifacts — both historical and contemporary — in the United States. It will also offer a range of educational programs for school-age children, adults and law enforcement professionals. In fact, the Museum's educational programs are already under way, years before the facility itself open. And the Museum will serve as a research center for students and others pursuing the study of law enforcement in America.

Until the Museum doors open, you get a preview at what will certainly become a not-to-be-missed museum destination.