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Education & Outreach

Domestic Violence Prevention

The Link Between NLEM and Domestic Violence Prevention

Domestic Violence Prevention Programs at the NLEM

Education and public programs are essential to the National Law Enforcement Museum's mission. Public programs, school and group visits, electronic "field trips," and partnerships and collaborations with other museums, and community and educational organizations are all planned.

And before the Museum's doors physically open, its educational programming is already under way. In 2009, the Museum launched a pilot program in partnership with the DC Public Schools, the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC, and the Center for Civic Education. Now, thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the Verizon Foundation, Museum staff are putting together a multi-faceted educational program focusing on law enforcement, civics, history, math, science and domestic violence prevention.

The Museum's educational program is being developed in collaboration with its Edvisory Committee, a collection of experienced law enforcement officials and educators representing various areas of expertise relevant to program and curriculum content. The Committee helps to ensure that Museum programs present meaningful, relevant and accurate information in a developmentally and culturally appropriate way.