Search for a fallen Law Enforcement Hero.

Photo Caption Contest

The Museum’s collection includes photographs that reveal law enforcement history—from national milestones to no-frills everyday routines. Some of Museum staff’s favorites are those mysterious photos that border on bizarre, posing the question, what is going on in this picture?

With that, we bring you to the Museum’s Caption Contest. Here’s how it works: We provide the photo. You provide the caption. Staff has chosen some particularly curious photos from the collection which we will roll out each month. Help us come up with the cleverest caption for the photo above.

The caption winner will be recognized in the next Museum Insider. The winning caption will be posted on our website, along with real facts we know about the photo. It will also be posted on the Museum Facebook page (so be sure to “like” us on Facebook). They say a picture is worth 1,000 words—well, in the case of the Caption Contest, you’re limited to 120 characters (about 25 words), but you get the idea. Ready, set, caption!

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