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December 2013 Caption Contest Winner

The December 2013 Caption Contest Winner is...

Congratulations to Rob O. for submitting the winning caption!

There were many witty entries, but Museum staff voted Rob’s caption our favorite. We can’t resist sharing a few of the other great submissions that made choosing one winner tough:

Okay Ma'am, take your time. So, which one of these guys looks like the man that came down your chimney
and burgled your house?
- Robert K.

Diversity has never been a topic of inquiry at the Garden City Police Department. - Andy G.

Garden City's finest thinks out of the box when considering options
for detective undercover apparel. 
- Tom S.

December 26, 1971 - Saint Nicholas is extradited to Earth from Planet of the Apes
after fleeing a drunk sleighing accident.
- Chris W.

Now here’s what we really know about this photo. In 1974, the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and the Garden City Police Department hosted a holiday party for orphaned children at St. Christopher’s Home in Sea Cliff, New York. An eclectic bunch showed up for the charity event. Pictured from left to right: Ron Klimkowski, former pitcher for the New York Yankees; PBA President James Bosco; Santa Claus; two actors in "Planet of the Apes" costumes; Joe DeFalco, celebrity/expert hunter from the cable TV show, The Outdoorsman; and Garden City Police Officer William Fitzpatrick. PBA President Bosco was in charge of the festivities, while clothing and candy were distributed by Santa.