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February 2014 Caption Contest Winner

The February 2014 Caption Contest Winner is...

Congratulations to Robert K. for submitting the winning caption!

There were many witty entries, but Museum staff voted Robert K’s caption our favorite. We can’t resist sharing a few of the other great submissions that made choosing one winner tough:

The Captain told me I was promoted to the new and highly sought after "Puppet Patrol" assignment. –Francine M.

Oh!.. ha ha. Um. I guess Mr. Rogers is indisposed... –Paul F.

Hello, my friends. Today we are visited by Officer Friendly. Let's welcome him. –Robin D.

Now here’s what we really know. The officer in the photo is with the Kansas City (MO) Police Department. On the back of the picture it says, “We feel that the cooperation of many people is vital to our programs. We appreciate their help…P.O. Tom Walters.” We suspect this means Officer Walters is the man pictured and the puppet show is a program the Department did with help from local citizens, including the woman in the picture. Based on other photographs in this same collection, the photograph is likely from the mid-late 1960s.