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June 2014 Caption Contest Winner

The June 2014 Caption Contest Winner is...

Congratulations to Mary U. for submitting the winning caption!

There were many witty entries, but Museum staff voted Mary’s caption our favorite. We can’t resist sharing a few of the other great submissions that made choosing one winner tough:

How dare you ask to frisk me. We are not even married yet.-Joe F.

Oh no the chair of restraint…–Gary C.

Honey, after eight years on the dept. I still have to work graveyard shift.–Andrew U.

Honey, I'm sorry, but the Chief has dictated no more moustaches for patrolmen - even as awesome as mine may be.–Dave N.

Now here’s what we really know about this photo. The lady’s dress and the officer’s uniform suggest this photo to be from around 1900. The melodramatic nature of the pose suggests a staged image—perhaps from a late 19th century police officer’s guide to the criminal world or a fictional drama akin to the 1899 play Sidewalks of New York or the 1905 film The Life of an American policeman. If you have more information about this photo, contact