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March 2014 Caption Contest Winner

The March 2014 Caption Contest Winner is...

Congratulations to Rick D. for submitting the winning caption!

There were many witty entries, but Museum staff voted Rick D’s caption our favorite. We can’t resist sharing a few of the other great submissions that made choosing one winner tough:

I swear Sergeant, I had no idea that fur was in there!–Michelle R.

Well, whaddya think? The hat AND the mink or just the hat?–Patricia W.

Told mom not to quit her day job.–Denise E.

Even granny has secrets. -Denise E.

Don't make me take my hat off! -Johnn S.

Now here’s what we really know. Unfortunately, this time, it is not much. The photograph was likely taken in the 1940s, and the woman works for the New York Police Department and is standing at her locker.