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May 2014 Caption Contest Winner

The May 2014 Caption Contest Winner is...

Congratulations to Mike W. for submitting the winning caption!

There were many witty entries, but Museum staff voted Mike’s caption our favorite. We can’t resist sharing a few of the other great submissions that made choosing one winner tough:

The early creation of, "Rock, Paper, Scissors"Leonard R.

So, who's cuttin' the cake?–Patrick R.

I am telling you Ma that last bird you cooked for Thanksgiving was so tough that me and Louie brought our own knives!–Doug M.

Now here’s what we really know about this photo. It was part of a mysterious album we eventually determined belonged to an officer from Houston, Texas in the 1940s. Officer James Chapman of the Houston (TX) Police Department helped us identify the officer (pictured second from the left) as Clairville V. Kern, also known as Buster. Buster Kern served as a patrolman, mounted officer, motorcycle officer, captain, and chief of detectives with the Houston Police Department, before he was elected Sheriff of Harris County. He was the county’s longest-serving sheriff, holding the office from 1949 to 1972. Over the course of his career, Kern solved murders, faced off against gangsters, and even got in a fistfight with a prosecutor. If you have more information about this photo, contact