February 2012 — Volume IV Issue 2 Insider



Vanya Scott
Acting Senior Director of Museum Programs

Rebecca Fulcher
School Program Specialist

Sarah Haggerty
Associate Curator

Mission Statement: The mission of the National Law Enforcement Museum is to tell the story of American law enforcement through exhibits, collections, research and education. The Museum dynamically engages the broadest possible audience in this story in an effort to build mutual respect and foster cooperation between the public and the law enforcement profession. By doing so, the Museum contributes to a safer society and serves to uphold the democratic ideals of the U.S. Constitution.


Director's Corner

The Museum continues to move forward! Here are just a few updates of progress made in the last month.

Construction Update

The Museum is scheduled to open in 2014.

Last December, the first phase of Museum construction was completed.  Except for the two entry pavilions, the Museum will be an underground facility with a footprint that includes the area under E Street (between 4th and 5th Streets NW).  So to prepare the site for construction, workers moved utility lines, added a water main, relocated/added electric vaults, and relocated steam tunnels under E Street.  This phase of construction took approximately 11 months to complete and cost over $4 million.  It was done on schedule and under budget.

At its December meeting, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Board of Directors authorized the project team to complete the construction drawings for the Museum building and exhibits.  The project managers, exhibit design team, architects, exhibit fabricators, construction company representatives, and Museum staff have all met to finalize the design process, which is scheduled to take approximately eight months.  When the construction drawings are completed, they will be submitted to the U.S. Department of the Interior for final approval, as mandated by the authorizing legislation. The documents will also be submitted to the District of Columbia for the issuance of building permits.  It is anticipated that the construction of the Museum’s physical structure will begin later this year and should take approximately two years to complete.


Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the hard work of the Development team, more than $56 million toward the Capital Campaign’s goal of $80 million has now been received.  Many opportunities to contribute toward the Museum are still available.  You can make a donation of any amount online and/or attend the Museum's third annual fundraising Gala on Friday, October 12, in Washington, DC. More details about the Gala will be available soon.

Museum Collection

A BNSF train steams around a bend as it serves the western U.S.

The Burlington, Northern & Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Company recently donated to the Museum historic archival records relating to their company’s law enforcement service. Personnel files, wanted posters, telegraph code books, photographs, railroad maps, and case reports from Special Agents dating from the late 19th through the mid 20th century, and many other items make up this eclectic and valuable collection. The BNSF Railroad, founded in 1849 with rail lines laid in Illinois, expanded and merged with other railroads over the decades, and by the late 20th century provided rail service to the western two-thirds of the United States, as well as parts of Mexico and Canada.

If you have information, photographs, objects, or documents that will help expand this collection, or have anything to share related to railroad policing, please contact the Museum at museum@nleomf.org.





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