March — Volume IV Issue 3 Insider

Mission Statement: The mission of the National Law Enforcement Museum is to tell the story of American law enforcement through exhibits, collections, research and education. The Museum dynamically engages the broadest possible audience in this story in an effort to build mutual respect and foster cooperation between the public and the law enforcement profession. By doing so, the Museum contributes to a safer society and serves to uphold the democratic ideals of the U.S. Constitution.


Museum Executive Director Joe Urschel

Director's Corner

Announcing New Museum Executive Director

After a five-month-long national search, the National Law Enforcement Museum is pleased to announce that Joe Urschel has been named its first Executive Director.

Mr. Urschel, the former longtime Executive Director of the Newseum (in Washington, DC), officially assumed the position on March 5 and will oversee the development, construction, opening and operation of the National Law Enforcement Museum. With a background in both journalism and museum management, Mr. Urschel has a talent for bridging the gap between the two to tell a captivating story.

“I am proud of what the Newseum has done to introduce millions of visitors to the vital role that journalists and the news industry have played in our society throughout history,” Mr. Urschel said. 

"Now, I am eager to do the same for the profession of law enforcement.  It is a story that is rich with great characters, great conflict and great drama—all of the ingredients necessary for a great museum.  It is a story that must be told.”

Second Annual Police Museum Conference Held in NYC

The second annual Police Museum Conference was held in NYC on March 5-7, hosted by the New York City Police Museum. The National Law Enforcement Museum presented a session about the components of a museum collections management policy. The conference brought together 25 representatives and museum staff from 14 law enforcement museums in 10 different states around the country for a couple days of networking and sessions on different aspects of museum management. One major accomplishment of this conference was the formation of the Association of Law Enforcement Museums, a new coalition comprising staff, board members, volunteers, and friends of law enforcement museums across the country. The next Police Museum Conference will be held in March or early April 2013 in Los Angeles, California.



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