Museum Committee Ends its Work on a High Note

Museum Committee Ends its Work on a High Note

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Top, Left to Right: Susana Valverde (EDC), Karen Bassiri (NLEOMF), Erica Olsen, Colleen Gallopin, Magdalena Mieri, Liz Odongo, Heather Powers, Rochelle Wilson, LilliAnn Williams-Jackson, Kelly Higashi, Dean MacLeod (NLEOMF), Elana Premack Sandler (EDC), John Rosiak (EDC)

Bottom, Left to Right: Laura Towvim (EDC), Michelle Robinson, Giselle Pelaez, Carol Adams, Craig Floyd (NLEOMF) 

Not Shown: Janese Bechtol, Gabe Esposito, Kedrick Griffin, Melissa Hook, Dave Thomas

On July 19, the National Law Enforcement Museum convened its Domestic Violence Prevention Advisory Committee one last time. The meeting gave Committee members an opportunity to review and celebrate the fruit of their efforts: the creation of the “Domestic Violence Awareness Program” and the domestic violence-related components of the “kIDsafe” program. During and between our nine, four-hour meetings over 23 months, our 16 volunteer members offered their diverse perspectives and expertise in such fields as violence prevention, law enforcement, and public and museum education to support the development of these programs.

As a result of their counsel, these programs reflect current theories and best practices, enabling us to continue presenting engaging, relevant and accurate information to a range of audiences in a developmentally and culturally appropriate manner. Of particular note was the integral role played by the Committee in the development of the Domestic Violence Awareness Program, a professional development program for school professionals. This program is indeed a unique resource, and more comprehensive than anything currently available, that addresses how schools, communities and law enforcement together can support children who are exposed to domestic violence. By way of recognizing its outstanding contribution, John Rosiak, a Senior Project Director with Education Development Center remarked that the Committee was “one of the most involved advisory groups” he had ever worked with. Museum staff would like to echo that sentiment and say how very grateful we are to members for their time and generous support.

Besides giving us an opportunity to thank them, this last meeting also gave us a chance to imagine the future—how a new “Socially Responsible Education Program Committee” might be created. We would look to such a committee to help us continue developing programs that address common interests held by both law enforcement and the broader community. We are thankful that a number of members have made known their desire to stay engaged with the Museum as part of such a committee. In the meantime, we appreciate those members of the Committee who have already gone above and beyond by joining the Memorial Fund’s Gala Steering Committee. To these and all our Committee members, past and present, we owe a debt of gratitude. Thank you.


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