Exhibits of the National Law Enforcement Museum: Dial 911


Artist's rendering of the Motorola Solutions Dial 911 Emergency Call Center exhibit.
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Exhibits of the National Law Enforcement Museum: Motorola Solutions Dial 911 Emergency Call Center

In the Museum's Dial 911 Emergency Call Center, sponsored by Motorola Solutions, visitors will step into the real-life intensity of a 911 Call Center and experience the connection between a 911 caller and a law enforcement responder. This three to four minute experience will give visitors a glimpse of the challenges law enforcement face when confronted with real-life emergencies.

A recreated 911 operator/dispatch console will feature headsets and a touchscreen mounted on the desk surface. Observers can follow the action through headsets of their own, and also through screens above the main interactive screen. 

The visitor will then step into the role of the 911 operator and will gather information and make decisions based on a simulated call.  He or she will serve as primary public interface between civilians in crisis and the law enforcement responders sent to help them.

Once those decisions are made, visitors can witness the response and outcome, including what happens when police arrive at the scene of the call. The engaging, interactive nature of the 911 Call Center in Dial 911 places visitors at the heart of what law enforcement is all about—protecting and helping the community.

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