Clint Eastwood Films PSA to Endorse the National Law Enforcement Museum

Clint Eastwood Films PSA Endorsing the National Law Enforcement Museum

Shortly after taking on his new role as Honorary Chairman, on Friday, August 5, 2011, Clint Eastwood joined the National Law Enforcement Museum’s Co-Chair of Dignitary and Celebrity Relations, Shannon Murphy, at BASE Studios in Burbank, CA to film a set of public service announcements (PSAs) for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and National Law Enforcement Museum.


Mr. Eastwood was very gracious with his time and took great care in articulating the Memorial and Museum’s messages, to convey the service and sacrifice of the more than 19,000 fallen law enforcement officers whose names are engraved on the Memorial’s walls and whose stories will be told when the Museum opens in 2015. He also stressed his support and gratitude to the over 900,000 peace officers who protect our communities every day, often putting their lives on the line in order to keep us safe. Museum visitors will be granted the rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of what a typical day for these men and women is like, as well as hear personal accounts about policing from real-life officers.  He encouraged viewers to visit the Memorial and Museum websites to get involved and support the Memorial Fund’s work to honor America’s law enforcement officers, and the Museum’s goal of narrating the history of law enforcement in America, past and present.

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In addition to Mr. Eastwood, Ms. Murphy was joined by a group of local and state peace officers who were at the studios participating in the filming.  Aware that the group of law enforcement officers was assembled to be included in the filming, Mr. Eastwood was eager to meet and thank all of the officers who were with him on set that day—and he did just that.  In addition to filming the PSAs, Mr. Eastwood posed for photographs with the peace officers.


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