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Which Officer Are You?

Law enforcement is a profession with a vast and diverse array of roles and opportunities—and that's why a career in policing often appeals to all different kinds of people and personality types. Follow this maze of questions to find out which officer role fits you! Note: This quiz is just for fun. We don't advise choosing a career solely based on your findings below.


Corrections Officer
You are definitely a team player, and need to be, to ensure the safety of fellow corrections officers and inmates. Since it is typical for corrections officers to be outnumbered 30 to 1 by inmates, carrying a firearm is usually not a safe option for you.

Though dogs are known for being easily distracted, you are trained to stay focused on your goal until it has been achieved. Your human partner will always have your back, and is sure to reward you once you’ve done your job. And for some reason, you’ll eat anything put in front of you...

Bomb Tech
You work well as part of your bomb squad, but often—especially when diffusing a bomb—all eyes are on you. To maneuver the robot and complete the job, you must have a very steady hand. You also are accustomed to using very sophisticated tools and safety equipment (including a suit that weighs 90 lbs!).

Special Weapons and Tactics, a high-intensity job, requires strategic planning and teamwork. You need to be in excellent shape, so keep pumping that iron. Your training, advanced tools, and weapons have prepared you for extreme situations, including active shooters and barricaded gunmen.

You might look like the average person on the street, but you’re actually an undercover cop. Your trunk contains multiple articles of clothing so you can blend in anywhere. That is, unless you are called somewhere specific. Then you could be waiting in a car somewhere for hours or even days at a time. Remember, no breaks—even to sleep or go to the bathroom.