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It's A Matter of Honor

America's law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives and careers to serving the public. They're always there for us — and now, through the National Law Enforcement Museum, here's our opportunity to be there for them.

Help make the National Law Enforcement Museum a reality

The "A Matter of Honor" Campaign was created to raise the funds needed to plan and build the National Law Enforcement Museum. Because the Museum is not paid for by taxpayers' dollars, the money must come from private donations. It is a historic opportunity to be a part of — and a stakeholder in — the development of the only national museum dedicated to telling the story of law enforcement in America.

The Museum will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, many of them school-aged children. All visitors will be treated to a state-of-the-art, interactive perspective of life behind the badge. The Museum is designed to help our citizens better understand and truly appreciate the critical role the brave men and women of law enforcement play in upholding the law and keeping our communities and our country safe. With your help, the story behind this vital profession will soon be told.

Whether you choose to make a financial contribution or donate an artifact, there are a number of ways in which you can assist us in creating this special place. We are asking for your help in making this campaign a great success.

Please consider it "A Matter of Honor."