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Working to make the Museum's vision a reality

Law enforcement is one of the pillars of our free and democratic society, and the story behind this proud and vital profession must be told. To properly honor our everyday heroes is a remarkably ambitious undertaking. That is why the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is raising funds to build the largest and most comprehensive law enforcement museum in the world.

This effort will ensure that the long record of extraordinary service that law enforcement officers have given to America will finally receive the national recognition it deserves.

Backed By Esteemed Leaders

From its inception, planning and support for this Museum have come from top-tier sources, ranging from former presidents, Congressional leaders, former U.S. attorneys general and world-renowned architects and planners.

The National Law Enforcement Museum was authorized by Congress in November 2000, with former Colorado Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell serving as lead sponsor of the enabling legislation. Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush are the honorary chairs of the Museum's National Honorary Campaign Committee.

The Museum is well on its way to becoming a reality with major initial contributions from Motorola, DuPont, Mag-Lite, Advanced Interactive Systems (AIS), Panasonic, Target and the Police Unity Tour, whose $5 million commitment is the largest to date. America's law enforcement community continues to be a major supporter of the Museum, with more than three dozen law enforcement organizations having donated $100,000 or more.

Show Your Commitment

Law enforcement officers are the unsung heroes of our nation. They are the men and women who form the thin blue line between a civil society and lawlessness. Day in and day out, they put their lives at risk, upholding the law and keeping our communities safe. Their countless, unseen daily acts of heroism, courage and caring truly earn them a place of honor.

We are asking for your help in keeping the momentum rolling. Please join us in paying tribute to our nation's law enforcement officers by making a donation in support of the Museum to build this important Museum.