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Chief Security Officers

Chief Security Officers (CSO) Leadership Committee Members

CSO Responsibilities

Help us enlist new members in the CSO Leadership Committee. If you would like the Memorial Fund to contact your referral, please email Robbi Woodson at

The Chief Security Officers (CSO) Leadership Committee is a group of volunteer leaders committed to working closely with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund to raise awareness and support for the National Law Enforcement Museum.

Primarily the CSO Committee will:

  • Help to provide networking opportunities for Memorial Fund officials to meet other corporate security leaders.

  • Work with the Memorial Fund in determining ways their company may be able to assist in helping to build the Museum.

  • Consider making a personal gift to the Memorial Fund and/or the Museum.

  • Attend major Museum events as schedule permits.

  • Allow their name, title and company affiliation to be used on official Memorial Fund communication vehicles including stationery, website, event programs and so forth.

  • Offer expressions of support to corporate security colleagues and other prospective major gift donors as appropriate.

  • Assist National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) staff in generating support.

  • Assist in recruitment of other corporate security colleagues for the CSO Leadership Committee