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Course Descriptions


Course Descriptions

VALOR Initiative
VALOR is designed to help prevent violence against law enforcement officers and ensure officer resilience and survivability following violent encounters during the course of their duties.  Under this initiative, critical nationwide training and technical assistance is provided to sworn state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers through a variety of delivery mechanisms.  For more information, visit

VALOR Regional Training
The two-day regional line officer training program is designed to provide participants with an understanding of emerging threats, along with techniques for anticipating and surviving a violent encounter.

VALOR Executive Briefing:  Officer Safety Considerations for the Chief Executive
This one-day executive briefing was developed to advance officer safety strategies by providing an environment for law enforcement executives to network and further define their agencies’ approaches to officer safety issues.

VALOR Train-the-Trainer Program
The two-day train-the-trainer course is designed for qualified law enforcement trainers and is intended to assist agencies in developing in-house officer safety training capabilities.

VALOR Specialized Training
Specialized training consists of workshops designed to provide an effective and flexible response to state, local, and tribal law enforcement training needs.  Workshops average one-half day to two days in duration, and program content is tailored to accommodate the varied needs of the law enforcement audiences.

Quotes from class members:

"I am very excited to practice and use these tools I learned on an everyday basis.  The information and insight will be instrumental in my career." — San Diego, CA

"All instructors were energetic and informative.  Overall, some of the best—if not the best—training I have attended.  This is the only training besides tactics that when I left, I wanted more." — San Diego, CA

"The training provided is so valuable.  I think it should be incorporated into the police academy.  All presenters had extensive experience and was very valuable in having them share their knowledge.  This class taught me big lessons we know already—not to get complacent in our profession." — San Diego, CA

"Excellent program, keep up the good work!  Very professional and relevant to law enforcement work today." — Detroit, MI

"VALOR was some of the best training I have ever had since becoming a law enforcement officer." — Detroit, MI