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April 2015
Sergeant Philip B. Gingerella, Sr.
Charlestown (RI) Police Department

March 2015
Trooper First Class Joshua Kim
Maryland State Police

February 2015
Officer Nicholas Simons
United States Capitol Police

January 2015
Deputy U. S. Marshals (DUSMs) Matthew Barger, Michael Cifu, Andrew Kottke, and Frank Morales
United States Marshals Service

December 2014
Chief of Police Thomas Fowler, Sergeant Robert Roy, Officer Michael Alder, and Officer Justin Murphy
Salisbury (MA) Police Department and Seabrook (NH) Police Department

November 2014
Officer Christopher Nebbeling
West Palm Beach (FL) Police Department

October 2014
Lieutenant Jerald Wheeler
Southaven (MS) Police Department

September 2014
Trooper Brian Beuning
Minnesota State Patrol

August 2014
Senior Investigator John Vescio
New York State Police

July 2014
Officer John Poulos
Chicago (IL) Police Department

June 2014
Deputy Brian Matthews
Van Buren County (MI) Sheriff’s Office

May 2014
Officer Matthew Bowling and Officer Vincent Martucci
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

April 2014
Special Investigator Philip Seguin
Alpena County (MI) Sheriff’s Office

March 2014
Officers Ratko Aleksis and Stephen Neff
Tempe (AZ) Police Department

February 2014
Lieutenant Timothy Jungel
Eaton County (MI) Sheriff’s Office

January 2014
Officer Sean O’Brien
Evanston (IL) Police Department

December 2013
Detective Scott Wisner
Connecticut State Police

November 2013
Deputy Sheriff Elton R. Simmons
Los Angeles County (CA) Sheriff’s Department

October 2013
Watertown (MA) Police Officers

September 2013
Border Patrol Agent Jared A. Monnett
U.S. Customs & Border Protection

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