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Stand with the Thin Blue Line - 2011 Pledge

Join with the Memorial Fund in pledging your support of America's law enforcement officers. 

Sign the pledge.

The following individuals have pledged to ..."Stand with the Thin Blue Line and support law enforcement in their efforts to keep our communities safe."

Wastine Allen  FL
Linda Allen  CA
Phillip Allen  NV
Kathy Allen  CA
Amanda Allen  NY
Gary Allen WA
Philip Allen MD
Melissa Allen Hogan  NC
John Allgeier  NJ
Bethany Allie CA
Alejandro Alonso NJ
Claudio Alpaca  
Christopher Alpini  PA
Tony Alsleben  PA
Kandy Alspach  IN
Gregory Altman  MN
Roger Altman OH
Toivo Altvalja  FL
Samantha Alvarado  MO
Zoe Alvarez  FL
R. Alvarez  CA
Randy Alvarez  CA
Grimaldi Alvarez NY
Philip Amara  FL
Nancy Amato  
Scott Ambacher  MO
Lawrence Amber  
tracie ambler  OH
Tolo Amengual  FL
John Amey  NJ
Jeannie Ammermann  TN
Eric Amos  IN
Swallow An  AL
Dawn Andaluz 
Don Andersen  
Shawn Anderson IN
Carolyn Anderson  CA
John Anderson  NY
Sue Anderson  CA

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