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The Wall

By  Roger Adams , October 4, 2016

The Wall
They walk the wall at night
Not conscious to their plight
Fending off the demons of darkness
At great personal sacrifice
They walk the wall at night
Securing what is right
Giving all they have
Honoring their fallen comrades
They walk the wall at night
So we may slumber in peace
Thoughtless to their sacrifice
Thoughtless in the night
They walk the wall at night
We pass them by….
Our lips quiver to say “thank you”
But our voice falls silent……
This was written to honor all the soldiers of the military and civilian law enforcement as well, that we take for granted every day. You might say...”Well it is their choice, they are compensated”… yes it is their choice…thank God someone is willing to make that choice… Ask yourself, would you? Would you make that sacrifice? Say “Thank You!” when you encounter one of these brave men and women……they will appreciate the recognition, although they do not seek it….

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