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What is a Police Officer?

By  Robert  Lovell , July 14, 2016

They are five foot-two or maybe six feet-three;
Sometimes young; twenty-one or maybe twenty-three
They have been in this business for thousands of years;
Those who protected us, bled and cried the tears.
They are a Catholic, a Muslim and a Jew;
They only want to protect, serve and wear the blue Without them, we would stand in the dark alone;
So they offer their hearts and souls with hardly a groan.
They are Police Officers; hero’s or scapegoats, it’s all the same.
When we see a five to ten second video shot from a cell phone;
It’s the Police Officers that we will ultimately blame.
When they sacrifice their lives what we fail to see;
A Mothers tears for her child and a Father and Mother that will never to be.

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