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The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund's Excellence in Media Award is presented to individuals or groups within the journalism, news, media and/or entertainment industries who have made an exceptional contribution to the law enforcement profession.

2015 Award Recipient

Greta Van Susteren

Ms. Van Susteren has been a steadfast supporter and advocate of law enforcement. She has more recently devoted a considerable amount of air time on her weekday show On The Record in support of law enforcement officers by detailing their service and sacrifice they make, and the work they do to keep our communities safe.

Upon receiving the award, Ms. Van Susteren said, “You know, the irony doesn’t escape me that I get an award for doing my job, which every night when I leave I know I’m coming back home. I know that’s not always true for police officers. I’m in an occupation that when there’s trouble, we duck, we run and we talk about it later. Law enforcement … they run toward the danger and put their lives on the line for us. I’ll never forget that.” Ms. Van Susteren accepted the award on behalf of the staff at FOX News’ On The Record show who work hard to get the facts and use good judgement in their reporting. “Tonight, in accepting this award, I acknowledge all of law enforcement across the nation and your important work. I get it,” she concluded.