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Destination Zero

The Destination Zero program is designed to help agencies improve the health and safety of law enforcement officers across the country, from agent to correctional officer, from trooper to patrolman, from sheriff to constable; Destination Zero is searching for programs that benefit all.

The primary goal of the Destination Zero program is to create a platform that provides all U.S. law enforcement agencies with the ability to research successful and/or promising officer safety and wellness programs and identify the resources necessary to begin their own risk management initiatives.

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National Officer Safety and Officer Wellness Awards

The Destination Zero program is proud to recognize officer safety and officer wellness programs that proactively engage employees in initiatives that increase overall officer wellness and/or reduce line-of-duty injuries or deaths. Each year, awards are presented in four categories, and winners are acknowledged during Police Week ceremonies in Washington, DC.  More information about the National Officer Safety and Officer Wellness Awards is available in Award Categories and Criteria. If you would like to nominate a law enforcement agency for 2019 Submit Your Officer Safety/Officer Wellness Program or contact us at or (202) 737-3400.

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The Memorial Fund seeks information on innovative safety or wellness programs currently implemented for the physical and/or mental well-being of their officers. Agencies submitting information on safety and wellness programs for consideration for the 2019 National Officer Safety and Officer Wellness Award must provide their information and material no later than December 31, 2018.

2018 Award Winners

Texas A&M University Police Department

General Officer Safety
Texas A&M University Police Department
All officers in the department have been issued soft body armor and now must follow a mandatory wear policy.

Placer County (CA) Sheriff's Office

Officer Traffic Safety
Placer County (CA) Sheriff's Office
In response to the trend of law enforcement officers dying due to traffic incidents, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office instituted training that went above the requirements of the California Police Officer Standards and Training (POST).

City of Bend (OR) Police Department

Officer Wellness
City of Bend (OR) Police Department
The agency implemented a wellness programs composed of on-duty yoga classes for their officers, mindfulness retreats, contracted with a psychologist for 20 hours per week to provide service to their officers and provides Spouse and Family Support Group programs and Peer Support Teams.

Sidney (OH) Police Department

Comprehensive Safety
Sidney (OH) Police Department
Every officer in the department has been issued a quick response tourniquet, trauma care kit, and enhanced ballistic protection. Each vehicle also has a rapid response bag containing extra ammunition, blood pressure bandages, quick clot agents, and tactical response gear. Every officer in the department was issued a body worn camera and trained on how to use it.