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Traffic Safety Award Winner


This award is presented to the law enforcement agency that has taken proactive measures to demonstrate definitively, a program’s success in improving officer traffic-related safety practices. The agency has developed and successfully promoted their officer traffic safety program and, in doing so, achieved employee buy-in and program acceptance. The program has successfully increased officer safety related to traffic and made strides towards reducing traffic-related injuries or deaths while building a culture focused on traffic safety measures.

The Officer Traffic Safety category features programs that have increased officer seatbelt usage, increased the use of visibility gear, or provided enhanced driver’s training. The Officer Traffic Safety category also includes innovations to restrict Mobile Digital Computer (MDC) usages at higher speeds, modifications to interior patrol vehicle design or implemented new safety technologies.

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Hillsborough (NC) Police Department2016 Officer Traffic Safety Award Winner


The Hillsborough Police Department (HPD) has conducted annual in-car driver training for all officers since 2000, and they developed a driving safety program, led by their chief, named “Slower is Faster.”

The training and the program covers a wide array of vehicle driving skills and challenges officer’s decision making while engaged in high stress driving. In addition to traditional vehicle skills such has braking, skidpans, and turns, the HPD focuses on decision-making and situational awareness. The HPD driver safety motto is “it’s easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.”

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2016 Officer Traffic Safety Award Finalist

Orange County (CA) Sheriff’s Department (3,800 sworn)

In 2014, the Orange County California Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) launched a traffic safety campaign called “For Your Partners, For Your Family.” The campaign focused on seat belt usage, minimizing distracted driving, and speed appropriate for the situation. OCSO created a video featuring a deputy who had been in a crash while not wearing a seat belt and where unsafe speed also played a role. The office placed wrecked cruisers displaying the Campaign logo on them, at the entrance to every station.

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2016 Officer Traffic Safety Award Finalist

In 2015, Ohio Department of Public Safety banded together with the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association in an effort to train every department in Ohio on the Below 100 tenets of safety. Together, the group produced their own traffic safety video featuring various law enforcement officers from Ohio who had experienced a crash or other safety related incident that they lived to tell about.

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Yolo County (CA) Sheriff's Office2015 Officer Traffic Safety Award Winner


After learning there had been 616 instances where deputies exceeded 90 MPH in the prior twelve month period, the Yolo County (CA) Sheriff’s Office embarked on a pioneering effort to improve traffic safety.  In an effort to slow their deputies down, the agency began to monitor and address excessive speed activations.  In the three months following program implementation, unjustified speed activations dropped from 616 to 39, and half the deputies dropped their activations to zero.

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2015 Officer Traffic Safety Award Finalist


Acknowledging the approaching 25th anniversary of the fatal traffic crash between two Los Angeles (CA) Police Department cruisers that claimed the lives of three officers and injured one other, and recognizing the constant need to improve seatbelt usage, the department produced a traffic safety video to reduce crashes and increase seatbelt usage.  The video was designed to both educate and raise awareness of the importance of belt usage by officers.

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2015 Officer Traffic Safety Award Finalist


In 2013, the Department instituted the ‘Arrive Alive” program, which focuses on reducing crashes and injuries. They instituted a mandatory two-hour training session on vehicle safety and good driving habits taught by Command Staff.

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