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Officer Wellness Award Winner


Officer Wellness is the most encompassing category of the four, focusing on topics such as physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, and stress reduction. The category includes both mandatory physical fitness programs and incentive-based initiatives. Officer Wellness is a multi-faceted category that addresses an officer’s overall well-being. This award is presented to the law enforcement agency that has taken innovative measures and definitively demonstrated their ability to increase officer wellness.

The agency has developed a program that has improved their officers’ wellbeing by reducing stress, increasing fitness, or actively promoting a healthier diet and lifestyle. The agency has institutionalized wellness practices that support physical and mental health amongst their employees. The program has become a component of employee development and is an integral part of managing the department’s Human Resources.

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San Diego (CA) Police Department2016 Officer Wellness Award Winner


The San Diego (CA) Police Department created a Wellness Unit in 2011. This unit is an outgrowth of some painful years in which the SDPD lost five officers in short succession, was suffering budget cuts and lost 1,400 personnel in a 10 year period. The agency recognized that many of the employees who were engaged in misconduct or had committed suicide were in some form of crisis and there were few direct proactive resources available to assist them.

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2016 Officer Wellness Award Finalist

Sandy Springs (GA) Police Department (150 sworn)

In 2014, the department created and promoted a wellness program focused on health and fitness. The department commissioned a new two-story fitness center with cardio equipment, free weights, CrossFit equipment and defensive tactics equipment. Officers are allowed to exercise while on duty for one hour per shift. A trained law enforcement fitness coordinator is on hand to conduct fitness assessments, provide individual education, and assist in goal setting and support.

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2016 Officer Wellness Award Finalist

California Highway Patrol (6,800 sworn)

In 2013, the California Highway Patrol developed a program called Kevlar for the Mind that is designed to help officers cope with the stress of the job. The program includes a four hour block of instruction, which was given to the entire patrol force in 2014. This unique program addresses what is called “Adaptive Denial” and the makeup of police psyche and how it deals with stress.

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2016 Officer Wellness Award Finalist

Appleton (WI) Police Department (110 sworn)

In 2013, Appleton Police Department launched a shared resources program with a unique approach to providing peer counseling and resources to all of Outagamie County in Wisconsin. This program offers shared resources between different county law enforcement agencies that allow for peer counseling from a fellow officer. This program is innovative in its shared resources approach, and provides the extra benefit of confidentiality as a peer counselors may be selected from an outside agency.

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Indianapolis (IN) Metropolitan Police Department2015 Officer Wellness Award Winner


The Indianapolis (IN) Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has developed a career path towards wellness and retirement called “Healthy Hire- Healthy Retire.” This proactive program is exceptional in scope and designed to prevent problems before they develop, creating a culture of health that is supported by the department.

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2015 Officer Wellness Award Finalist


Following the death of one of their officers, the Chief of the Oregon City (OR) Sheriff’s Office recognized the need for a strong coping strategy and means through which officers can— physically and collectively—work out their stress. He created a physical fitness initiative and named the voluntary exercise program “CrossFit 1850,” symbolic of the year the agency was founded.

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2015 Officer Wellness Award Finalist


The Tulsa (OK) Police Department designed a multifaceted, voluntary fitness program incorporating several unique elements that encourage and motivate participants entitled Total Physical Development Fitness (TPDFIT).  TPDFIT offers incentives for employees who meet requirements of the Cooper’s Institute Fitness Standards for their respective age group and offers a variety of exercise routines, daily workouts, and nutrition information.

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