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Help Protect Our Officers

DRIVE SAFELY: The Campaign to Decrease Officer Fatalities on the Road

Law enforcement officers spend much of their time working to make sure the rest of us can travel safely on our nation's roads and highways. And, their efforts have certainly paid off. Since 1970, the number of drivers and passengers killed in automobile crashes in the United States has declined by 20 percent.

Yet, during this same time period, the number of law enforcement officers killed on our roadways has soared by more than 25 percent. Automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and officers being struck by other vehicles all represent significant dangers for our peace officers.

Two Year Comparison - Traffic-Related Fatalities

More law enforcement officers in the United States died in traffic-related incidents than from any other single cause of death, including gunfire, for 14 of the last 15 years.

With your help, we can make our roadways safer for officers right now.