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Law Enforcement Appreciation Events

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is teaming up with a variety of professional sports organizations to host Law Enforcement Appreciation events to raise awareness and honor America's law enforcement officers. Please check back often for updates and new events.

May 27, 2016
Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves
Time: 7:30 pm

May 28, 2016
San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies
Time: 2:10 pm

June 2, 2016
Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins
Time: 7:10 pm

June 19, 2016
San Francisco Giants at Tampa Bay Rays
Time: 1:10 pm

July 18, 2016
Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals - SOLD OUT
Time: 7:15 pm

July 23, 2016
Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox
Time: 6:10 pm

August 22, 2016
Washington Nationals at Baltimore Orioles
Time: 7:05 PM

August 27, 2016
Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets
Time: 7:10 pm

August 27, 2016
Cincinnati Reds at Arizona Diamondbacks
Time: 5:10pm

September 8, 2016
Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners
Time: 7:10 pm

September 11, 2016
Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins
Time: 1:10 pm

September 11, 2016
Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals
Time: 1:35 PM

September 12, 2016
Pittsburgh Pirates at Philadelphia Phillies
Time: 7:05 pm

September 17, 2016
Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers
Time: 7:05 pm

Questions? Contact Robbi Woodson, Law Enforcement Relations Manager (202) 737-8539 or