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Honor a Law Enforcement Hero



 Brave Hearts  
  For each brave heart behind a badge. 
 Janet Patrick April 14, 2011 
 Honoring Those Who Have Fallen  
  I light this candle in honor of all Law Enforcement Officers who have fallen in the line of duty. May their memories live on. We pray for those who currently serve and ask for God's protecting hand upon them. 
 Debi Sherman April 14, 2011 
 To Phillip  
  To my awesome brother, Phillip. Think of you everyday and miss you so very much. I love you! Love your favorite sister, Nicole 
 Nicole Lebid April 14, 2011 
  For all my fallen bother and sisters from Delaware. This candle is dedicated to you and your ultimate sacrifice. 
 RICARDO LUCAS April 14, 2011 
 Officer Brian Evans  
  Brian, Not a day goes by that we at MPD do not think about you. The sacrifice that you gave in the early morning hours of December 26, 2007 will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my brother we have the watch from here. Brother-in-blue Off. Johnson MPD 
 David Johnson April 14, 2011 
 In Memory of Will Cole  
  I light this candle in memory of my friend, Willis John Cole, tragically killed in the line of duty on August 19th 1994. Forever Remembered 
 Curt Heckler April 14, 2011 
 falle brave friends  
  to we allways will remember even while we speak a nother officer falls. 
 Robert Disipio April 14, 2011 
 Our Devoted U.S. Capitol Police Officers  
  For fallen heroes Jacob Chestnut, Christopher Eney and John Gibson, and all the devoted U.S. Capitol Police officers who help safeguard our democracy by protecting those of us who work in the legislative branch of our government. Thank you. 
 Kevin Morison April 14, 2011 
 Sgt Phil Fisher EOW 8/15/2008  
  I miss you more and more each day. You are so loved by your family and the community that you served with such dedication. Thank you dad, and thank you to all those who continue to protect and serve every day. Each and every one of you are a hero. 
 Caroline Fisher-Carle April 14, 2011 
 God bless these women and men who served  
  God Bless all tese officera and their familys. With heart felt love,Rose Marie Baiga 
 Rose Baiga April 14, 2011 
 David Wilda April 14, 2011 
 To all heroes past and present  
  To all the heroes past and present, it is an honor to light a candle on your behalf. May God bless each of us, and keep us safe thorugh our last tour of duty. 
 scott speagle April 14, 2011 
 One of your stature never dies  
  R.I.P. Rich 
 Ken Seth April 14, 2011 
  To all of those who served so bravely and to the loved ones left behind. Never to be forgotten. 
 Jennifer Hansen April 14, 2011 
 Thank you for your sacrifice...  
  To the fallen, we thank you for the ultimate sacrifice and highest level of commitment to duty. We honor your memory. To the remaining LEO's, we pray for your safety, for your success. We ask GOd to send angels of protection to go out before you to prepare your be there in that moment of truth to keep your mind clear & to comfort you when it all winds down afterwards. God bless you all for what you do..!! 
 Mike Fisher April 14, 2011 
 Huntington WV PD  
  In memory of my high school classmate Paul Harmon, Jim Mills, and Clemmie Curtis Huntington WV PD. 
 Kim Young April 14, 2011 
  R I P my brothers & sisters. we will never forget 
 Cindy Schultz April 14, 2011 
 For My Parents  
  Both were brave in your own way. Mom, you had to fight for recognition on the force and almost died on the job. Dad, you are still a force to be reckoned with, badge or no. You are a constant source of strength for me. I am proud of both of you. 
 Marlette West April 14, 2011 
 Stanley Hall April 14, 2011 
 Ian Deutch  
  Ian, You will always be missed and never forgotten. You are a true hero. 
 Terry Rising April 14, 2011 
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