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 To my fellow brothers & sisters in blue  
  To all those officers, past and present, with us and passed on, I pay tribute. For we few have answered the most noble call to serve our fellow citizens, to protect, to safeguard, and to serve them as they seek a safe life and pursue happiness in this world. To those of us that have retired we thank you, to those serving still, we thank you, and to those of us that have fallen, we shall forever honor your sacrifice as we carry on our duty and remembering that though our calling may cost us the last full measure, it is an honorable and noble cause for which we serve and fight. God bless and remember to come home safe and sound every night. 
 Mike Rogers April 14, 2011 
  In memory of Officer Todd C Johnson 
 David Johnson April 14, 2011 
 Pray for and Protect our Heroes in Blue  
  I thank God everyday that my husband comes home to his family. Thank you for all you do, and for all those who have given so much! 
 Cindy Livingston April 14, 2011 
 Joey B  
  Rest in Peace Joey B. While you are fallen you certainly are not forgotten. My prayers and thoughts are still with your family. Continue to watch over us. 
 Nick Krekeler April 14, 2011 
 RIP My Brothers & Sisters  
  May all the fallen Officers rest in peace and watch over their Brothers and Sisters who Protect and Serve our nation. God Bless The United States of America and watch over those who protect our rights to be a free nation. 
 Gary Clemmons April 14, 2011 
 Officer Brian Evans  
  Brian, Not a day goes by that we at MPD do not think about you. The sacrifice that you gave in the early morning hours of December 26, 2007 will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my brother we have the watch from here. Brother-in-blue Off. Johnson MPD 
 David Johnson April 14, 2011 
 In Memory of Deputy Craig Dorwart  
  To Craig and All who have fallen since - We will NEVER FORGET YOU and the sacrifices that you've made! 
 Kerry Page April 14, 2011 
 Jason Norling, Harris Co Pct 5  
  You are never forgotten! 
 Semalee Bilbrey April 14, 2011 
 To all my fallen brothers  
  After 24 years I still keep in mind the sacrifices we in Law Enforcement make everyday. One of my fallen friends is on the Wall in D.C.( David Lupton,Sr.) There is not a day that goes by that I do not remember him and miss his company, his smile and humor. It was very tragic, but he would not have changed anything, since he was a true Professional and always put everyone else above hiimself. 
 Jeffrey Jones April 14, 2011 
 Greatly Missed Hero  
  I light this candle for my step dad, Ofc. Richard S. Crittenden, Sr. EOW 9-7-09. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of him. He was such a huge presence in our lives. Dad was killed while responding to a domestic. He was attacked, and still managed to protect and save a mother and daughter before he was shot. He is a hero to many and is our "Angel in Blue". 
 Stacy Aasen April 14, 2011 
 let there be light  
  where their is darkness we have sown righteousness, help, comfort. we are the fallen police officers of the united states of america 
 Mary Kujawa April 14, 2011 
 Everlasting Memory  
  You have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is now time for you to rest while we carry the flame in your name until we meet again one day. 
 Anthony Durfee April 14, 2011 
 In honor of Officer Craig Birkholz  
  In honor of Officer Craig Birkholz Fond du Lac, WI PD. EOW 04/20/2011. City 67 you will never be forgotten. You are a true hero. 
 Eric Vannocker April 14, 2011 
 You Live Forever in Our Hearts  
  To the ladies and gentlemen who have give their lives to protect us, Thank made the ultimate sacrifice in our names. Every night I say goodbye to my hero in blue, I worry that he might not come home to me, and I thank God every day he walks through that door. To your families who were not as lucky as I have been, God Bless You. To All the Men and Women in Blue, God Bless and Stay safe and most of all THANK YOU. 
 Laura Bresinski April 14, 2011 
  Honoring my son, DEPUTY DAVE ROSADO... 
 Linda Stamback April 14, 2011 
 Our Heroes  
  God Bless And Protect All Our Heroes That Are Among Us,And The Fallen Ones That Are Now Angels Among Us.I Pray For You All. 
 phyllis stump April 14, 2011 
 To Those That Have Fallen  
  I dedicate this candle to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. 
 Todd Creller April 14, 2011 
 Wesley C Frame Jr.  
  Grandpa, I hope I see you soon, I love you so much & can't wait to go to heaven to see you, hope you are doing well with Jesus..........Whitley Frame I love you Grandpa.........Ashton Frame We love & miss you!! Wes & Nell Frame 
 Nell, Ashton & Whitley Frame April 14, 2011 
 in Memory of Wesley C Frame Jr.  
  Grandpa, I hope I see you soon, I love you so much & can't wait to go to heaven to see you, hope you are doing well with Jesus..........Whitley Frame I love you Grandpa.........Ashton Frame We love & miss you!! Wes & Nell Frame & for all our LE Officers & their families, thank you, may GOD bless you & keep you safe. 
 Nell, Ashton & Whitley Frame April 14, 2011 
 You are not forgotten  
  You are not forgotten 
 Linda Kuczynski April 14, 2011 
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