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Honor a Law Enforcement Hero



 Richard Scott Rogiers  
  My lifelong friend, my buddy, my brother. I miss you so very much. We should have grown old together, talking about life, old age, our younger days, our families, our troubles, our joys. You left behind the people who love you most. I count on you now as I did when you were present on this earth. Look after me and keep your angel wings forever sheltering me from danger. You will never be forgotten, for you are deep in this heart of mine, forever young. 
 Patty Soriano April 14, 2011 
 RIP My Brothers & Sisters  
  May all the fallen Officers rest in peace and watch over their Brothers and Sisters who Protect and Serve our nation. God Bless The United States of America and watch over those who protect our rights to be a free nation. 
 Gary Clemmons April 14, 2011 
 Srgt Chapin  
  R.I.P. Srgt. Chapin you are gone but surely will be missed by your wife, children, colliages and many others who didn't even know you personally. 
 April Presnell April 14, 2011 
 Stay Safe Brothers In Blue  
  To all of our fallen brothers and sisters. RIP 
 Lauren Caputo April 14, 2011 
 Thank currently serving and fallen  
  Thank you to those currently serving and to those that are no longer with us in law enforcement, thank you. Law enforcement is a difficult job and may God have a special place for each of you. 
 Pamela Morris April 14, 2011 
 Thank You for You !  
  Sending prayers to you and thank you hugs. With Much Care and Thoughts, Holly C. 
 Holly Cariola April 14, 2011 
 Thank you for your service  
  Thank you for your service! Unfortunately you made the ultimate sacrifice, but did it doing what you loved and protected others. It takes a special person to be a LEO and we do appreciate your service. 
 Chris Warren April 14, 2011 
 Thank You God Bless  
  May Those Who Have Passed R.I.P God Bless Their Families And Friends. God Bless All Of You. And Keep You Safe. Hugs JoAnne O 
 JoAnne Opava April 14, 2011 
 Thanks to All  
  Thank You for what you have done,are doing and will do for us to make us safe 
 David L Parrish April 14, 2011 
 Thomas Benton Worley  
  We love and miss you. 
 Michele Hurley April 14, 2011 
 To All The Fallen Heros  
  This candle is to Honor all our fallen Heros in the line of Duty, and May God bless their Family's.......... 
 Nicole Abbattista April 14, 2011 
 To All Those Brave Men & Women  
  For all those who Serve and Protect: God Bless You 
 William De Lise April 14, 2011 
 To all those that have given for our saf  
  To all those who have given for our safety prayers and love to the families of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice in upholding the law 
 Debbie Moniz April 14, 2011 
 To Every Fallen Hero  
  To honor ALL the fallen heroes and especially their families. I am the mother of a police officer and the aunt of 2 more police officers. I pray everyday for their safety and the safety of every officer serving the public. God Bless. 
 Kathy and Tom Cogozzo April 14, 2011 
 to our fallen heros  
  To all our men and women who fight the good fight in order to protect Americans! 
 Sharon Ashworth April 14, 2011 
 To Raymond, Terry, Larry W/love  
  To Raymond, You did it your way. Miss You. To Terry, In Loving Memory, We all miss you. To Larry, Miss you and Love you Brother in law! Roxie 
 Roxie Avants April 14, 2011 
 To the Families  
  God bless all the families of the fallen heroes. 
 Kimberley Tuyay April 14, 2011 
  I love you Trevor Gerlach and I'm so glad you're mine, I appreciate you and all that you do everyday as a police officer :) 
 Brianna Castillo April 14, 2011 
 Virginia State Trooper Kevin Manion  
  I'm lighting this candle in honor of Virginia State Trooper Kevin Manion (9/14/78 - 2/18/06). He was a wonderful friend to my husband and I, and he is still very much missed. 
 Melissa Ward April 14, 2011 
 Virtual Candle Thanks  
  Thank you for all the hardwork you do keeping us safe. 
 Ashley Vaughn April 14, 2011 
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