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Fundraising Ideas

  • Coordinate a 5K, 10K, walk or run with the proceeds benefiting the Memorial Fund.

  • Organize a sporting event with local law enforcement agencies.

  • Put together a golf tournament.

  • Set up a fundraising booth at a local fair, convention or meeting.

  • Organize a fundraising raffle with local businesses donating prizes.

  • Host a benefit concert for the Memorial Fund by coordinating with local bands and venues to try and get the space and entertainment donated.

  • Participate in a marathon, bike race, etc., and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

  • In lieu of wedding favors, consider making a donation to the Memorial Fund.

  • Host a house party and ask for donations in exchange for food and entertainment.

  • Host a comedy night at a local popular venue.

  • Hold a bake sale at a local church, park, etc.

  • Host a wine tasting event sponsored by a local wine distributor.