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Planning Guide & Tips

Thank you for considering the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund as the beneficiary of your special event.  Please utilize this Planning Guide to ensure that your event will run smoothly and successfully!

Step One: Brainstorm different fundraising ideas and choose one that makes the most sense for you.

We realize that our supporters have different interests and hobbies, and varied resources essential to making a fundraising event successful.  Please take a look at our “Fundraising Ideas” and feel free to come up with your own event and submit it to us.  You don’t have to plan your event alone.  Some of our most successful events have a collaborative working group or committee, comprised of people with varying skill sets and ideas.  Feel free to get your friends, family members and colleagues involved in your fundraising event from the start.

Step Two: Start planning.

Start planning your event by selecting a date and location. Begin building an event-planning checklist and assign roles and responsibilities to people in your group. After you have planned the details of “who, what, where, and when”, complete our Third Party Event Application. Once we receive the submitted application, we will review and respond to you on the status. All events must adhere to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Guidelines and Procedures for Third Party Fundraising Events. Please do not start promoting the event until you have received confirmation of approval from the Memorial F und. 

Step Three: Promote and get the word out!

After you receive our letter of approval, start promoting your event! You can send out e-mail invitations, post your event on your Facebook page or other social media sites, or create flyers and other promotional materials. If you are utilizing our name and logo, please make sure to send a proof of the promotional material to us for approval before it goes to the public. Make sure to utilize different networks in your event planning committee to invite a wide range of people to support and attend your event. Plan on inviting twice as many people as you expect to attend, as some will likely not be able to make it.

Step Four:  Final Event Checklist

Throughout the event planning process, you should be adding various tasks to the list.  As the event approaches, make sure that all of the necessary tasks have been completed and send out an event reminder to everyone who was invited.

Step Five:  Follow up after the Event.

Congrats on your fundraising event! Hopefully your event was successful and everyone who attended was supportive and had a positive experience. Please make sure to thank your attendees, sponsors, venue, and your committee. If individual contributions are being compiled and a single disbursement is being sent to the Memorial Fund, include a note stating what event the funds came from and who the contact was for the event. Do not send cash. Please write a check or send money orders made out to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Funds should be sent to the following address:

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
Attn: Development
901 E Street NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20005-2025

Checks should be made payable to the: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Tips to increase your fundraising dollars:

  • Provide several opportunities during your event for people to donate (cover charge, raffle, personal ask, donation envelopes, silent auction, etc.
  • Make your event personal.  It’s important that people who are invited and are in attendance know why the event is being held and why the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and National Law Enforcement Museum are so important to you.  Your passion is your single greatest fundraising message.
  • Remember to use your networks to effectively promote your event. The last thing and event organizer wants to hear is, “I didn’t know you were having the event,” as the reason why they didn’t attend.

We truly appreciate your desire to help the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Museum. Please call Robbi Woodson at 202-737-8539 or e-mail if you have any questions.